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Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN) and IT For Change’s Working Group on Feminist Digital Justice was active between August 2021-December 2022, and the group’s meetings, discussions, and collaborations generated a wealth of synergy and insightful critique along the way. Find below a timeline of how the group produced the Declaration and the Background Paper. Also, know more about the convening team and the Working Group members.

Aug '21

In August 2021, the Working Group members met for the first time and began charting the institutional and technological design frameworks needed – within the context of platforms, Big Data, and artificial intelligence – to foster gender justice in the emerging digital paradigm.

Sep '21

Continuing the discussion from the previous month, in September 2021 the Working Group members listed issues concerning digitality and digital technologies in their regions.

Dec '21
The Working Group members met again in December 2021, when the issues listed in the previous issue-mapping exercise were divided into five major categories. The members also carried out an initial round of discussion on the Declaration and identified a set of principles that should be added to it, post which the first draft of the Background Paper was shared with the group for comments and further inputs.
Mar '22

In March 2022, the Working Group members met in regional subgroups – the Asia-Pacific-EU-Africa group and the Latin America group – on account of the convenience of meeting across similar time zones. In these meetings, the groups brainstormed, discussed, and inputted their ideas for the Declaration.

Dec '22

The Working Group convened for one last time in December 2022, when the members viewed the final drafts of the Declaration and the Background Paper. The members also discussed strategies for outreach and advocacy.

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